Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2014

Manquis Who's Who in the World 2014

Back from a trip to Seoul on July 25, 2013, I found a letter from Marquis on my office desk. As Marquis hinted earlier that a final decision would be made in around September, I didn’t expect to read good news. It might be the case that just as the PhD program admissions committee mailed out rejections earlier, so did the Marquis’ nomination committee. But, the letter starting with “congratulations!” was telling a different story. My biography was selected for the inclusion to the 31st edition of Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2014. Although I get nothing material at this stage, I am happy with the news for the possibility that this international recognition may add a bit more strength to my reapplication to the PhD programs next year. The process began in March 2013. I was notified of my nomination and asked to share my detailed biography. My biography passed initial screening in April and was finally selected in June.