One of the two Korean musicians who communicated, though unilaterally, most with me in 20s passed away today, following the other one who passed away around 20 years ago when he was as young as I currently am. It makes his death more sad the fact that he was about to come back with his new albums; he wrote few songs since 2000 and it had been via words, rather than lyrics, through which he communicated with his fans what was in him for more than a decade. I share three of his songs including two from his new albums and one that is my favorite, wishing him to rest in true peace.

[1] “I Want It All (2014)” – his uncompleted, so involuntarily posthumous, joint work with his 23-year old band NEXT released a month ago.

[2] “A.D.D.A (2014)” – his (last) solo single released four months ago

[3] “Dream Of A Freshwater Eel (1999)” – my theme song

UNC Intramural Soccer 2014

This year I signed up to play for a team of econ PhD students. We lost 2-1 at the first game, so we would better win the next game to enjoy as a team the competition longer. Two teams out of four win the tickets to the second round. The game played by 8 players per side began at 7:30 pm on Oct. 20 at Hooker Fields and took 40 (20 + 20) minutes. Pictures below were taken by Jineui while I was playing a pickup game after the match, with those who wanted to play more.

2014-10-20 20.36.08  2014-10-20 20.36.41

2014-10-20 20.40.00


Knowledge Creation

The way to create knowledge in academia – the path I aim to walk through.

(24:20 – 25:15) Best papers usually got rejected. That story was true for every single person in that room, and we were all starts. So, this is not an unusual phenomenon, and it is very important when we’re bringing up young doctoral students and young faculty. I spend a large part of my time tutoring doctoral students and young faculty getting them to see that if they ever really did invest something new, it is going to be rejected; and you had to be willing to stand in the face of that rejection, and deal with problems that the referees were having in the paper and problems that your colleagues were having in dealing with it. If you can stand in the face of that rejection, and if the arguments are valid, you will eventually win. That is very uncomfortable place to be lots of time.


One of massive open online course websites that offers a variety of undergraduate- and graduate-level online courses for free. They constitute an entire set of video lectures, lecture notes, problem sets, and exams, and are taught by professors at the world’s leading universities. Those who are going back to school after years away from it like me or those who want to explore subjects other than majors so as to gratify intellectual curiosity may find this useful or entertaining. (from my Facebook post added on May 27, 2014)