Timely look

It’s been a year back in academia, spending a growing amount of time in this small, isolated, windowless, corner cubicle. Wish I now have a more nerd-like look. It’s time to dedicate myself to building up knowledge base my future research will build on, and how I look may showcase how successful I am in that. But, I will need to spare a growing amount of time to level up my oral communication skills at later stages of my education, at the expense of my time to do research. A distinct feature of business professors is that they teach MBA students and so are expected to be a good communicator as much as they are expected to be a good researcher, which are oftentimes conflicting missions. A timely look is always of the best quick-and-dirty proxies of where one stands.

2015-08-19 10.36.31


Those who have less are often the ones who give more, not necessarily because they are nicer ones but because they tend to suffer hardship of similar types. To them, economic difficulties are what they also deal with as part of their day-to-day lives, rather than knowledge learned indirectly by reading books or media, which is often the case for the haves. This is why constituents must be extremely careful in giving their votes to those from the upper class. They might be nice enough persons personally but are likely to share few grounds from which they could truly understand how lives go at the bottom or in the middle.