One of the two Korean musicians who communicated, though unilaterally, most with me in 20s passed away today, following the other one who passed away around 20 years ago when he was as young as I currently am. It makes his death more sad the fact that he was about to come back with his new albums; he wrote few songs since 2000 and it had been via words, rather than lyrics, through which he communicated with his fans what was in him for more than a decade. I share three of his songs including two from his new albums and one that is my favorite, wishing him to rest in true peace.

[1] “I Want It All (2014)” – his uncompleted, so involuntarily posthumous, joint work with his 23-year old band NEXT released a month ago.

[2] “A.D.D.A (2014)” – his (last) solo single released four months ago

[3] “Dream Of A Freshwater Eel (1999)” – my theme song

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