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Code of Conduct

– Updated in July 29, 2010

Be professional; keep my composure

Even the referee’s biased call is a part of a game. Do not regard anything else but my ability and effort as an excuse of my failure.

Become a man who have a breakfast meeting with Barack Obama, discuss the global economy with Warren Buffett, go clubbing with Rain, and lift weights with Sunghoon Choo.

Open a day an hour earlier and put an end to it an hour later. (8:00 ~ 24:00 in 2010)

Never rush. Plan cold and move instinctively. (Allocate 80% of my time for mapping out things to do and the remainder for a decisive action.)

Value family and friends as much as my life, and do not talk of others’ faults

Do not leave demanding things behind, and take the initiative no matter where I am.

Read one book and compose one essay every week.

Do not talk big. Keep my word even if I have a knife at my throat

Daily completion leads to the completion of life. Concentrate on making today complete, keeping in mind life might end tomorrow.

It is not that one is higher or lower than others. Be perceptive so as to see through the essence.

Be of decent conduct, and maintain a quite but convincing voice.

Trust myself, and do act as I believe.

Be unpretentious, and do listen to and learn from everyone who I meet.

Refrain myself from surfing portal sites and emailing.

Be prepared. Go to a fight with a victory established before the fight.

Greet all with a big smile and be full of vitality each and every moment.

Carpe Diem

Read this code of conduct every single day.