Guilty conscience

Since I moved to the United States last summer, I have suffered a guilty conscience for my mere presence abroad whenever I read about Korea. What are addressed in news articles have been those with a direct and immediate impact on my family and friends and few of them have been transient. They have been about social justice destroyed and growth potential undermined at the huge expense of generations to come. Of the reasons I am here is to help my country move forward by means of independent, long-term research. But, I am already afraid of a rising possibility that my lifetime role for my country is limited to a recovery rather than an advance. Another thing is that to follow current issues in Korea, which has been unavoidable for years given their consequence and my role as a social scientist, has brought about a substantial loss in my productivity. It wouldn’t be, I presume, different for other overseas Koreans. Another big expense we Koreans all together are bearing.

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