Research Interest

Corporate finance (both theoretical and empirical) with focuses on corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, innovation, and labor and finance.


Working Papers

“Mandating Women on Boards: Evidence from the United States” with Anil Shivdasani and Elena Simintzi (SSRN)

– Featured in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (Link)

“Shareholder- versus Stakeholder-Initiated Corporate Social Responsibility” (draft available upon request)

“Are Gray Directors the Smoking Gun Unveiling Non-Independent Boards after Sarbanes Oxley?” (SSRN)

“Changing of the Guards: Does Succession Planning Matter?” with Dragana Cvijanovic and Nickolay Gantchev (SSRN)

– Featured in Columbia Law School’s blog on corporations and the capital markets (Link)



“When Heirs Become Major Shareholders: Evidence on Pyramiding Financed by Related-Party Sales,” with Woochan Kim, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016, Vol. 41, pp. 23-42 (Published version, SSRN)

“Managerial Entrenchment of Anti-Takeover Devices: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Korea,” with Woochan Kim, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2012, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 614-638 (Published version, SSRN)



“Does Investment in Human Capital Spur Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

“Consensus: Cost of Diversity at Diverse Boards,” with Anil Shivdasani

“Does financing vehicle diversification increase firm value?” with Sojung Kim and Woochan Kim

“Theory of Governance: the Generalized Method of Moments Framework”


Permanent Working Paper

“Selection Into Entrepreneurship in MBA labor market,” with Camelia Kuhnen and Manju Puri.


Paper Links

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