On February 28th, 2005, the last day as a marine and the first day as a civilian, I had completed my "voluntary" 2.1-year military service duty, namely, discharged from the R.O.K. Marine Corps. As it happened to be a day of our marine communication officer's wedding ceremony, marines both on and not on service gathered together to celebrate the ceremony as well as my discharge. Below is records of the day.

And two days later,, I came out of, or run away from, my parents' place and started to live on my own as I had planned during my service, beginning my life as a homeless person after another two months.



P2271939.JPG P2271938.JPG P2271953.JPG P2271968.JPG P2271973.JPG P2271974.JPG P2271996.JPG 전4CE3~1.JPG 전4DED~1.JPG 전5DEC~1.JPG 전4DEE~1.JPG 전4DEF~1.JPG전4EE2~1.JPG 전4EE3~1.JPG 전4EE4~1.JPG 전4EEE~1.JPG 전5EEC~1.JPG 전4FEE~1.JPG 전40F5~1.JPG 전40FE~1.JPG전4EEF~1.JPG 전2F97~1.JPG 전41F6~1.JPG 전41FF~1.JPG 전역한~2.JPG 전43FE~1.JPG 전44F3~1.JPG 전41F5~1.JPG전42FF~1.JPG 전역한~4.JPG 전역한~1.JPG 전역한날 11211.JPG