Homeless… one of the words that represent my 20s. Pictures below highlight my life as a homeless person. They were taken at four different universities.



Korea Development Institute

(1) Student chamber (8406/8422 Dasan Hall, May 2009 ~ Aug. 2010)

(2) Office of student council (9305 Yulgok Hall, Jan. 2010 ~ Feb. 2010) - I have lived at this temporary place after being thrown out of the university's dormitory until again being kicked off by another student.

(3) Student chamber (8406 Dasan Hall, Mar. 2010 ~ Aug. 2010)

(4) Faculty office (9508 Yulgok Hall, Sep. 2010 ~ May 2011) - I have stayed here until I had to empty this place at the request of the Office of Student Affairs.

(5) Student chamber (8305 Dasan Hall, May 2011 ~ Dec. 2011) - my last place at KDI where I spent another 8 months with no contractual relationship before MSCI. 


Below are pictures of the student chambers (8406 and 8422 Dasan Hall) with all of my stuffs in place.


사진 735.jpg 사진 738.jpg  

Below are the two most personally-memorable pictures taken at the roof of the KDI Graduate School. It was Spring 2010, when my bank balance used to go down below $10, almost on a monthly basis. I couldn't have paid meals for weeks (taking light snacks prepared for evening MBA students was a sole alternative), and couldn't present $30 (the lowest generally-acceptable amount of wedding gift in Korea) for close friends' wedding and thus I had to finance it from DY Kim. Meanwhile, whenever my bank balance have fallen below $10, I used to spend the bottom money to purchase a can of beer and a bag of snacks, come up to the university's roof and look down the metropolitan city of Seoul. Bad events occur in a row and mostly from relationships with close people, which, as for my case, have continued for years.


사진 721.jpg 사진 723.jpg

Pennsylvania State University

(1) Pattee library basement (Sep. 2007 ~ Dec. 2008)


Below is the place where I have spent a majority of my time at Penn State with classmates including Qi Liu. At the basement of Pattee library, I studied, ate and slept, except for inevitable circumstances where I had to do such activities at Dunkin Donuts in downtown. The guy next to me is my Turkish classmate Veysel, an ambitious naval officer.



State University of New York at Stony Brook

(1) Commuter Lounge (Jan. 2007 ~ May 2007)


Below are two pictures taken at the commuter lounge located in the first floor of the university's main library. In the picture, it appears to be clean, but always dirty and full of students during semester. At Stony Brook, I used to party hard for three days (thus, I was called a party animal) and study hard for the remaining four days per week. Commuter lounge below is the place where I have spent the four days.

사진 1286.jpg 사진 1283.jpg 

Ajou University

923 Paldal Hall (Mar. 2005 ~ Aug. 2007)


Below is the place where I began my journey. I had nothing but passion and was full of passion and eager to grow. After discharged from the Marine Corps and joined ACES, I spent a majority of my time there until I left for my exchange studies at Stony Brook. I frequently suffered from malnutrition and lack of sleep almost every day. My CPIM certificate, and TOEFL and GRE scores were all produced there. It was also the very first place of my life as a homeless person.


사진 018(2436).jpg 050426-0001.jpg