January 4, 2011 - the first day of my work at MSCI; the pictures below are likely to be the first and the last pictures of mine formally dressed in Singapore as there is no dress code required and thus everyone wears casually in the office.





January 2, 2011 - at a futsal game with Storm FC, a local soccer team, at East Coast Sports Planet; the very first thing I have done in Singapore was to find a team to play soccer with; Storm FC is the team, renowned as a champion of the last year's national amateur soccer competition.


IMAG0142.jpg IMAG0144.jpg

A serviced apartment offered by the company for the first month of my stay in Singapore; it was located near Payah Lebar MRT station.





Pictures taken in the plane on my way to Singapore


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December 9, 2011 – one of the most memorable scenes at the KDI School; there were two office rooms left with light still not turned off at around 23:30, a day before the 2012 commencement date of the KDI School; the left one (8305) was mine and the right one (9508) was my professor’s; during my 3-year studies and works at the university, I and he have been the earliest comer and the lastest leaver among all students and faculty members.