Below are the pictures of the final match, and I am the one who wears red marine pants.   


Also, I attach additional pictures took at qualifying matches of the Korean Soccer Tournament in fall 2008. The team I played for was undefeated in the tournament until the final match. Here is the summary of the results. 

September 02, 2008: 1-0 Win

September 03, 2008: 1-1

September 07, 2008: 4-1 Win

September 13, 2008: 6-2 Win (Semi-final)

September 14, 2008: 3-3 (3-4 lost in the penalty shoot-out) (Final)


A bonus picture of me playing at the West Field, my favorite place, one day in 2008.

2008_0428_OutdoorSports 002.jpg